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glo, a better alternative to smoking

glo, a better alternative to smoking

glo, a better alternative to smoking

You don't want to completely quit smoking* and look for a cigarette alternative**? You want a less risky way to enjoy tobacco experience and consume nicotine? For adult smokers, there are alternatives such as tobacco heaters. Find out more about smoking alternatives** and what can offer tobacco heaters.

Quitting smoking

Tobacco heaters, such as glo™, are not medical smoking cessation products*. If you are concerned about the effects of smoking, the best option is to quit smoking and discuss it with your doctor. Switching to heated tobacco is not an alternative to phasing out tobacco products altogether. However, for nicotine or cigarettes users who don’t want to quit smoking, a heated tobacco is a better alternative for smoking**.

Cigarette substitutes and smoking alternatives

Tobacco heaters like glo™ are smokeless and can be used as a cigarette alternative**. By heating the tobacco instead of burning it like traditional cigarettes, the formation of toxicants associated with burning at high temperatures is significantly reduced. There is no combustion with tobacco heaters like glo™. Heating the tobacco leads to around 90% fewer toxicants*** compared to a conventional cigarette. This technology is often referred to as "heat not burn".

Switching to heated tobacco can feel like buying a new piece of tech with unfamiliar features. But our tobacco heater device is easy to use. You will certainly quickly get used to your cigarette substitute!

Switching from cigarettes to tobacco heaters

With glo™, you can easily switch from traditional cigarettes to tobacco heaters and use our tobacco heaters device as a cigarette alternative**. With glo™, you keep your familiar habits in everyday life. For example, if your colleagues smoke during their lunch break, you can join them with glo™, your smokeless cigarette substitute. By switching to a cigarette substitute such as tobacco heater, you don't have to give up that sense of community or other familiar habits.

Improve your smoking experience: no smoke, no ash, less smell

With an alternative to smoking, such as tobacco heaters like glo™, you won't have to give up your smoking habits, the social interaction that can occur between smokers and the nicotine effect, but you will improve your smoking experience. Indeed, there’s no smoke, no ash, and less smell**** with this cigarette alternative**!

By making the modern choice in terms of tobacco usage, you can preserve everyone’s pleasure, whatever the situation.

*BAT's tobacco and nicotine products, including glo™, are not and are not marketed as a means of smoking cessation. The best option for smokers is to quit smoking altogether.

**glo™ heats tobacco instead of burning it. It generates a tobacco aerosol, less odour and no ash. This product is not risk-free and contains nicotine, an addictive substance.

***This product is not risk-free and contains nicotine, an addictive substance. Comparison of smoke from a scientific standard reference cigarette (approximately 9 mg tar) and emissions from glo™, in terms of the average of the 9 harmful components the World Health Organisation recommends to reduce in cigarette smoke.

****glo™ heats tobacco instead of burning it. It generates a tobacco aerosol, less odour and no ash compared to a cigarette when smoked, this product is not risk-free and contains nicotine an addictive substance.