The glo™ hyper+ device uses induction heating technology, which simply means that instead of burning the tobacco as you would with a conventional cigarette, the device evenly heats the tobacco to 270 degrees, delivering the nicotine in vapour and not smoke. This device works with a uniquely compatible neo™ tobacco stick that comes in a variety of flavours. The glo™ hyper+ device offers up to approximately 20 sessions on one full charge. *** This is equivalent to 1 pack of neo™ sticks. The rechargeable battery on your glo™ device also has safety features that protect it from overheating and monitors the overall energy flowing through the device.
In essence, your glo™ device delivers an authentic tobacco experience with rapid heating for quicker taste release, while vapes heat flavoured e-liquid to release the nicotine vapour. Now that you know the differences, you can go ahead discover more about glo™ and see which one is right for you.