‘Heat not Burn’ is a modern, smoke-free tobacco alternative to traditional cigarettes. An innovative device, like your glo™ hyper+ , perfectly heats the tobacco in the neo™ stick to produce a vapour that you inhale. This means that because there is no burning, you’re exposed to a lot less toxins when compared to a traditional cigarette*. The benefit of this tech is that you get the same nicotine experience without the ash, smell, or most of the harmful toxins that come with burning and combustion.
The magic of your glo™ hyper+ tobacco heating device is that you get a flavourful tobacco taste, at the touch of a button. It’s the perfect culmination of simplicity, style and innovation, and it all fits neatly in your palm. With glo™ you can customise your tobacco experience by switching from Standard mode to Boost mode for faster heating. The long-lasting battery and easy-to-dispose neo™ sticks means that your glo™ hyper+ device is ready whenever you are.