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The new glo™ Hyper Air tobacco heater

The new glo™ Hyper Air tobacco heater

The new glo™ Hyper Air tobacco heater

glo™ heats real tobacco, making it an alternative to traditional cigarettes.* The new glo™ Hyper Air tobacco heater gives you the full smoke-free tobacco heating experience, plus it's stylish and portable. This is the first glo™ device that is so light and slim. It is available in 7 unique colour variants.

glo™ Hyper Air - What are its features?

The glo™ Hyper Air is a slim and lightweight device that has been designed with portability in mind. Its new format: 97.3 x 47.1 x 15.8 mm (12.5 mm at the narrowest point) and weight of 75 g ensures that it can be carried even in a small handbag.

Despite its slim design and small size, the glo™ Hyper Air offers the same technical features as the glo™ Hyper X2, including Boost mode.

The new glo™ Hyper Air tobacco heater is available in 7 colour variants, such as: Rose Gold, Purple, Teal, Blue, Pink, Navy, and Black.

This device has a user interface with LED indicators. The upper button on the glo™ Hyper Air activates the Boost heating mode, which allows you to start your session faster. The lower button activates the Standard mode. glo™ Hyper Air allows you to make 20 refills on one full battery charge**.

Charging time to 100% is 120 minutes. Standard mode heats up in 30 seconds and lasts up to 4 minutes. The device vibrates 10 seconds before the end of the session. The Boost mode, on the other hand, only takes 20 seconds to heat up, but only allows for a 3-minute session.

What’s in the glo™ Hyper Air Starter Kit?

The glo™ Hyper Air starter kit features a new, more compact design. To eliminate the need for unnecessary accessories, such as an AC/DC adapter, glo™ devices charge using a USB-C port compatible with 5V 1A or 2A adapters.

We decided to provide a different charger as an effort to reduce the electrical and electronic waste generated by our products. The USB-C cable included is a basic charging cable, but our device can be charged using any USB-C cable.

If you start a session while the device is charging, the charging process will stop automatically.

What’s the daily use of the glo™ Hyper Air like?

When the glo™ Hyper Air tobacco heater is used for the first time, some steam may come. This is because of glycerine that is used during the manufacturing process and that will evaporate immediately after switching on the heater. This is nothing to worry about, because glycerine is one of the basic components of the sticks. To ensure that the stick is evenly heated to the correct temperature, always insert the stick into the device first, then press the button to start the device.

Remember that the new glo™ Hyper Air tobacco heater is designed to allow you to have 3 sessions back-to-back at room temperature (15-25°C). At higher temperatures, the number of consecutive sessions may be lower. Do not use the device in elevated ambient temperatures (above 40°C) as it may become hot and fail due to safety features.

It is worth knowing that the glo™ Hyper Air device has been designed in such a way as to provide the right amount of heat to heat the sticks. Thanks to the advanced induction heating technology used, the entire stick is heated by the heating chamber in a manner analogous to the operation of a convection oven. Thanks to this, the heat is distributed evenly without burning the stick. If you prefer a more intense experience, you can try the Boost mode.

What does the led indicator on the glo™ Hyper Air indicate?

If the LED indicator flashes red 3 times and then turns off, the battery is too low. In this case, charge the device using the recommended adapter and USB-C cable. However, if the indicator flashes purple 2 times and then the whole device vibrates 2 times, this means that the device is too cool. Remember that glo™ Hyper Air works best at room temperature.

If the device flashes purple once and then vibrates, it means that it is too hot. In this case, allow it to cool down for about 15 minutes before using it again. If the LED on the glo™ Hyper Air tobacco heater flashes pink once and the device vibrates for a long time, it indicates a self-diagnosis error. A device reset is then required. This can be done by pressing and holding the top button (Boost mode button) for 8 seconds. If the device flashes in a different way or vibrates for a long time, please contact the Customer Service.

Convinced by our new device glo™ Hyper Air?

Convinced by our new glo™ Hyper Air tobacco heater? You can now buy the glo™ Hyper Air on our website. The glo™ Hyper Air tobacco heater is available in 7 colours: Rose Gold, Purple, Teal, Blue, Pink, Navy, and Black.

You're still hesitating and don't know which of our two devices to choose? Check out our article comparing our two devices: the Hyper Air VS. Hyper X2.

*glo™ heats tobacco instead of burning it. It generates a tobacco aerosol, less odour and no ash. This product is not risk-free and contains nicotine, an addictive substance.

**Based on fully charged device and may vary based on usage patterns or battery age.


1 glo TM DEVICE + 2 neo TM PACKS FOR 9 CHF