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Hyper Air VS. Hyper X2: glo™ Tobacco Heater in comparison

Hyper Air VS. Hyper X2: glo™ Tobacco Heater in comparison

Hyper Air VS. Hyper X2: glo™ Tobacco Heater in comparison

With the tobacco heaters from glo™ you can enjoy tobacco with up to 90% fewer harmful substances* compared to conventional cigarettes. And that completely without fire, ash, and the smell of cigarette smoke**. Compare our models to find the right glo™ tobacco heater for you. You have the choice between the glo™ Hyper X2 and our newbie glo™ Hyper Air.

Wondering what sets glo™ Hyper Air apart from glo™ Hyper X2? Take a look now!

Which tobacco heaters are available from glo™?

You can currently buy two different glo™ tobacco heaters in Switzerland: the glo™ hyper X2 or the newcomer glo™ Hyper Air. What they have in common is that you can use the entire range of neo™ tobacco sticks for both glo™ devices. You can also choose between two heating levels: STANDARD and BOOST Mode

If you compare our tobacco heaters, you will notice that there are also differences between the glo™ tobacco heaters. Here are the similarities and differences.

Comparison of glo™ tobacco heaters

glo™ Hyper Air glo™ hyper X2
Session Heating levels Two-stage heating
Boost Mode Activation Separate Boost button
Heating time 20 sec in boost mode
30 seconds in standard mode
Session duration 3 min in boost mode
4 min in standard mode
Consecutive sessions Up to 3 sessions Up to 2 sessions
Number of puffs Unlimited
Battery Battery performance*** Up to 20 sessions Up to 22 sessions
Charging time**** 2.0h 3.5h
Charging port USB-C
Design Closing flap Iris Shutter
Colour 7 colours
Hyper Air glo™ devices in 7 different colors
6 colours
Hyper X2 glo™ devices in 6 different colors
Dimensions (length x depth x width) 97.3 x 47.1 x 12.5mm 77,5 x 43,3 x 21,4 mm
Weight 75g 101g

What makes glo™ Hyper Air special?

The glo™ Hyper Air tobacco heater in blue

glo™ Hyper Air is our lightest and slimmest tobacco heater yet. The new device combines improved functions in a particularly handy model. With its low weigh and ultra-slim design, the heater fits in any pocket.

Outstanding style & Innovative design

The glo™ Hyper Air is available in 7 unique colours: Blue, Teal, Rose Gold, Pink, Purple, Black and Navy. These colours are different from those available for the glo™ Hyper X2, which are black, red & black, white & gold, mint blue-green, orange, and blue.

The glo™ Hyper Air is a particularly slim tobacco heater, which is 58% narrower than the regular glo™ Hyper X2. In addition, the device weighs only 75g.

Full power & Low charging time

Despite weight reduction and ultra-slim design, no performance is lost: after just 30 seconds, your tobacco stick can be enjoyed for 4 minutes in standard mode or 3 minutes in boost mode. Even up to 3 sticks in a row! When the battery is fully charged, you can consume up to 20 sticks***.

The new glo™ Hyper Air charges over an hour faster. Full power awaits you in just 120 minutes****. Did you know that you can also use your heater while charging? Your device will stop charging during the session and resume charging immediately when the session is over.

Better control

Always keep an eye on the most important things. The LED display is always in your field of vision during use, so you always know how long your glo™ Hyper usage is still running or which mode you are currently in.

Directly above the Standard button is the Boost button, which you can use to intensify your experience.

Which tobacco heater suits you?

Are you open to an alternative to cigarettes**? Then choose our glo™ tobacco heater. glo™ Hyper X2 device, take your tobacco experience to the next level. With glo™ Hyper Air you experience real tobacco in an even more innovative, intuitive, and stylish way.

If you'd like to find out more about our newbie glo™ Hyper Air, here's a detailed article.

Whichever glo™ model you choose: All our tobacco heaters are an alternative to cigarettes**. With glo™ you can enjoy tobacco with up to 90% fewer harmful substances*. All without ash or the smell of cigarette smoke**.

*This product is not risk-free and contains nicotine, an addictive substance. Comparison of smoke from a scientific standard reference cigarette (approximately 9 mg tar) and emissions from glo™, in terms of the average of the 9 harmful components the World Health Organisation recommends to reduce in cigarette smoke.

**glo™ heats tobacco instead of burning it. It generates a tobacco aerosol, less odour and no ash compared to a cigarette when smoked, this product is not risk-free and contains nicotine an addictive substance.

*** Based on fully charged device and may vary based on usage patterns or battery age.

**** Charging time is based on using a mains-connected adapter.


1 glo TM DEVICE + 2 neo TM PACKS FOR 9 CHF