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The heated tobacco products landscape in Switzerland

The heated tobacco products landscape in Switzerland

The heated tobacco products landscape in Switzerland

As the world of tobacco evolves, new and innovative alternatives are emerging, offering smokers new possibilities. One such alternative that is gaining in popularity is heated tobacco products.

Unlike conventional cigarettes, which burn the tobacco, heated tobacco products heat the tobacco without burning it. Heated tobacco products work on the basis of an electronic device that heats the tobacco to temperatures lower than combustion. They are also known as "heat-not-burn" products.

Here is an article with detailed information on heat-not-burn devices and how they work.

What are the features of the glo™ HYPER X2 tobacco heater?

Design of the HYPER X2 glo™ device

The glo™ HYPER X2 tobacco heater is a one-piece device, i.e. all in one. It can be used for up to 20 sessions before needing to be recharged. It is also possible to use the device while it is charging.

The glo™ HYPER X 2 tobacco warmer is available in 6 different colours: Black and Red, White and Gold, Mint and Green-Blue, Black, Blue, Orange.

Heating method

The heating method of our glo™ device heats the tobacco from the outside using an induction system. The phenomenon of induction, which is widely used in household appliances, is based on the production of a magnetic field responsible for the formation of thermal energy that will heat the neo™ tobacco stick. There are therefore no metals in glo™ neo™ tobacco sticks.

Boost and standard modes

Advantage of the glo™ tobacco heater, you have a choice of two modes: boost mode and standard mode. Both modes will take you 3 seconds to activate, just press the desired control button. In Standard mode, the heating temperature is up to 250° for a 4-minute session, while in Boost mode, the heating temperature is up to 270° for a 3-minute session. For a better understanding of the differences between these two modes, take a look at our dedicated article.

Tobacco sticks

The tobacco sticks for use with the glo™ HYPER X2 are neo™ tobacco sticks, which are thinner but longer than traditional cigarettes. neo™ sticks should only be used with glo™ tobacco heaters. A wide choice of flavours is available to suit different tastes. The neo™ tobacco sticks are classified according to their intensity of taste (4 levels) and their level of refreshment (4 levels).

Where to buy tobacco heaters in Switzerland?

Heated tobacco products are available at authorised points of sale throughout Switzerland, such as kiosks and gas stations.

You can also find and order all glo™ products on our website. With free shipping and a delivery time of 1-2 business days, ordering online is really simplified with glo™. What's more, when you order from our site, you'll benefit from online exclusives like glo™ HYPER X2 devices in exclusive colours in blue, mint blue-green, orange or black and neo™ tobacco sticks in exclusive flavours such as neo™ Ice Clic with its intense menthol flavour, neo™ Sunset Click with tropical pineapple flavour, neo™ Artic Click with its fresh mint and iced menthol flavours and the neo™ Summer Click with the tropical flavour of fresh melon.


1 glo TM DEVICE + 2 neo TM PACKS FOR 9 CHF