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7 mistakes to avoid when using your glo device

7 mistakes to avoid when using your glo device

7 mistakes to avoid when using your glo device

glo™ tobacco heaters, like all electronic devices, must be used with care and in accordance with the instructions supplied with the device. Using your glo™ tobacco heating device correctly will help you avoid damaging it and increase its lifespan.

Here are the seven most common mistakes made when using tobacco glo™ heaters.

#1 – Starting your session too early

The neo™ tobacco sticks for glo™ devices contain tobacco specially designed to be heated. To use your glo™ device, you need to wait for the tobacco stick to reach the right temperature.

So how long do you have to wait from the moment you insert your tobacco stick until the first puff? glo™ hyper X2 has two operating modes for which this time differs. Thirty seconds for STANDARD mode and twenty seconds for BOOST mode. The start-up procedure is complete when all the lights from the LED display are on.

For more information on the use your glo™ tobacco heater, you can read this article.

#2 – Not using adapted tobacco sticks

Each tobacco heating device has dedicated tobacco sticks. For glo™ devices, these are the neo™ tobacco sticks. Under no circumstances should you use other tobacco sticks or traditional cigarettes in your glo™ device.

Tobacco sticks intended for tobacco heating devices contain tobacco specially selected for heating, different from the tobacco in traditional cigarettes. The use of unsuitable cigarettes can cause the temperature in the heating chamber to be too high, resulting in permanent damage to your device.

Tobacco sticks from other brands do not work in glo™ devices. This is because the heating methods are different and some brands use blades that are heated directly in the tobacco stick, which is not the case with glo™.

With your glo™ device, only use neo™ tobacco sticks!

#3 – Forgetting to close the shutter when the session is over

The glo™ tobacco heaters have a special shutter that protects the inside of the device from impurities. Once you've finished your session, it can happen that you forget to close it, which has the effect of letting dust into the device. Always remember to close the shutter once you've finished your session to protect the inside of your device.

#4 – Removing tobacco sticks too soon

The neo™ tobacco sticks in glo™ devices heat up to high temperatures and need a little while to cool down. Once your session is over, wait a little while before removing your neo™ tobacco stick and closing the shutter. That way you'll avoid burning yourself with the tobacco stick.

#5 – Not cleaning your glo™ tobacco heater

Heating devices need to be cleaned regularly, approximately after every twenty sessions. Using the dedicated brush, thoroughly clean the inside of your glo™ device. This regular maintenance will increase the lifespan of your device.

You can find all our advice on cleaning your device in our dedicated article.

#6 – Reusing your neo™ tobacco stick

Tobacco neo™ sticks are not reusable. Once your session is over, it must be removed from your glo™ device and discarded responsively. The used neo™ tobacco stick must always be replaced with a new one when you start a session.

Furthermore, it is not possible to pause the session and then resume it with the same tobacco stick. If you wish to take a break, you must switch off your device and then restart a new session with a new tobacco stick.

#7 – Not protecting your glo™ device from extreme temperatures

In Switzerland, temperatures can sometimes be a problem for electronic equipment. In summer, it can be hot, while in winter it can be very cold, below 0°.

Of course, we don't have to give up using our glo device in winter or in hot weather, but we do have to be careful and, for example, avoid leaving it in direct sunlight for too long or leaving it outside in freezing weather.

In this way, we ensure that the battery in our tobacco heater is not exposed to sub-optimal conditions and that our heater remains functional for as long as possible.


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